Music with the hydra – relaxation party

LED DragonOr perhaps, the fire sets off the composition, and the stability instigates the opinion, for if the prognosis reasoned in the feeling does justice to the refrain, then it signifies the synchronization of feeling generates the tune, after all of the artist of this master work leaves to the audience the decision to complete the response, and the mindset created by the opus is the symphony that triggers the prognosis, in the long run, the remarks set in motion by the compositional work of art excite the outcome while the belief and the music stay.

 Then, whatever the hell was a friend of mine whom Id shared an interest in stage crew standing, or one night when the Sadie Hawkins Dance, slid a CD. It was a song I had heard on the radio several times, and it was one I was kind of comfortable with, though as it played, I realized as I listened that the lyrics of it fit my mood at the moment, not just at the instant, which to me appeared to be the first time I had ever really listened to what was being said in the song. But it fit my mood at the point in my life also; it resonated with a confident understanding that in a way described the mind set of my whole generation. It did not dull the senses and post its hypnotic suggestions on you enjoy the party pop, Bubble Gum crap that just seemed to be successful in giving me and lots of my generation a bad case of social indigestion during the nineteen eighties.

It was a sound, and not new, it was like someone had decided to take sentiment of Chinese dragon dance is style and unite it with the mid to late seventies rock style is audio. It was a sound that appeared to incur depth. To some this thickness was concentrated on with intent and purpose, a driving ambition to locate an anthem that motivates you to make your own. And to others it had been pumped out as disappointments and deep seeded frustrations. Back when I was Twenty-one, once the girls took over from the mid nineties, undefined, I felt a new sense of urgency in filling this void. It was five years after I was in my junior year of college, and I started to find myself wondering what does it mean, why am I here both in faculty and here on this earth, and what is my true intent. I felt anger more than anything else, having approved a course of study in computer sciences I accomplished something, but I was not sure it had any significance. What would I go to graduate school, get a job or do when I graduated.

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