Parrot toy safety – How to pick safe toys for your parrot or cockatoo

cockatiel cageToys are essential for your parrot’s health. Without toys, a Cockatoo or parrot will endure boredom which may manifest as self-mutilation aggression or reclusive behaviour. Toys aren’t optional. They are. Having said that, it’s important to note they may be a hazard to their health in captivity. In the wild parrots are known to exhibit behaviour that is like kids playing with toys. They have a wild world of pure toys from the jungles and forests with which to perform. They have relatives and parents, siblings to show them the way large parrots and cockatoos have a dependency period in. In our world, they are taken from their parents before they hatch, rose in incubators, managed by breeders and sold to newcomer caretakers that do not have any idea that they are bringing home a wild creature. These creatures that are captive are similar to kids in various ways. Unless somebody takes the time to instruct 15, they do not know safe from dangerous. It’s up to us to teach them to perform safe, watch them to be certain them do, and select toys carefully to enrich their lives and make sure that they remain unharmed.

Selecting toys with judgment is 1 key to safety. Another key is vigilance. To be safe a toy free of entanglements has to be nontoxic, and cannot have swallowed components. As a parrot and cockatoo sanctuary’s manager, I have observed several toys which seemed safe turned into weapons. Fortunately, keeping a watchful eye on the flock has kept us from having deaths associated with those safe toys. 1 toy was a basket that is hanging. So there was no threat of zinc poisoning this basket had chain. The chain attached to either side of this basket and came with a pear link to attach to the bars of the cage. Snowball, among our umbrella cockatoos, broke the basket and the pear link fell.

Buying toys for your companion birds is not a simple task. There are Things to take into account. I will go over the risks in detail but do not allow that make you paranoid. The issues which I will discuss are significant and real. You will need to make the best choice that you can base on available choices. This will help to limit the risks Toys; by keeping an eye on them during 9, danger is protected against. Just Do the very best that you can. I create most of the Toys for our birds to reduce costs and to guarantee their security. I buy The timber, cut it colour it, drill it and string it Chain split metal rings at bottom and the top. I attach string and Wear shapes that are plastic and beads. Occasionally I place cloth ribbons or other adornments. Some of my toys are abused by the birds. I just do. Security is a mixture of both caution in buying Toys and keeping your eye.

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